It’s time to ‘spring’ forward and start arranging crafts for the spring year. I have 1 that is great for more mature young children (ages 8 and above). This plastic cup craft is acceptable for Prior to & Right after College kids in boy or girl care facilities, property-schoolers and elementary educational facilities. Be forewarned: they will want to do more than a single!

3-D Daisy
Components Needed:

1 8 1/2 sheet white card stock paper
1 sheet eco-friendly development paper
1 pair scissors
Craft glue
1 5 oz plastic cup
1 cotton ball
1 sheet pink or white tissue paper
Many markers, including yellow


Move 1: Lower a 2″ by 11″ strip of eco-friendly paper
Phase 2: Make limited, jagged cuts in the strip, simulating grass
Step 3: Glue the strip on bottom of white paper, fluffing up the grass
Move 3: Lower a flower stem out the eco-friendly paper, approx 4″ significant and 1/4″ width
Step 4: Glue stem on white paper as if planted in grass
Stage 5: Slice 2 leaves out of the inexperienced paper and glue on both facet of stem
Stage 6: Quite cautiously slash cup from edge to bottom 14 occasions (producing ‘petals’)
Phase 7: Staple the bottom of the cup (flower) to the white paper at top rated of stem
Move 8: Tear off smaller pieces of tissue paper and randomly glue on white paper less than the flower petals
Move 9: Employing a yellow marker, place colour the cotton ball a minor and glue the ball on base of flower (masking staples)
Stage 10: Using markers, creatively embellish and complete the 3-D Daisy picture

Use caution reducing and managing the edges of the plastic cup – this is an older child craft.

Selections: Do multiple bouquets on one particular page for a yard, varying the heights. Use craft paint to paint the within of the flower petals. Use black card inventory for the base paper and neon markers to enhance and complete.