Bengaluru woman shares dating tips to find love while stuck in traffic. Yay or nay?

Of late, Bengaluru is making headlines for its never-ending traffic congestion. However, have you ever thought about how you can use long traffic jams to your advantage? Prakriti Sharma, a Bengaluru resident, thought over it and came up with a brilliant dating tip. She proposed a unique approach that turns this inconvenience into an opportunity.

Prakriti Sharma recently shared a distinctive dating tip on X, which has been garnering significant attention. She suggested, “Consider scheduling your meetings earlier and travel together to your preferred location during peak traffic hours. This strategy not only allows you to spend more quality time together but also provides an opportunity to observe if your partner exhibits any anger issues.”

The post elicited a variety of responses from the online community. User Protima Tiwary responded, “This is my litmus test — how we handle being together in traffic.”

Another user, Ojasvi, humorously remarked, “Carpooling apps could potentially double as dating apps, if only they weren’t banned.”

However, some users also pointed out potential pitfalls of this unconventional dating method. Om Asnani wrote, “What a way to experience arranged marriage, when you realize this person is not for you.. but you’re stuck at Silk Board.”

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Published By:

Tiasa Bhowal

Published On:

Oct 8, 2023